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V vs Z Car Dyno Day

After being approached by some members of a Z Car enthusiast club we decided to host a Dyno Day at PZP. For those who aren’t familiar with the term Dyno Day, it’s an event we host from time to time where members of a club or group can come together and put their cars on… Read More

Concave Concept Wheels!

As part of PZP’s ongoing commitment to bringing WA more niche products, we’re excited to announce our new dealer status for Concave Concept (CC) wheels! Not only does each Concave Concept wheel design look incredible, they are renown for being strong, lightweight and more affordable than you may think. Let us highlight a few reasons why you should jump… Read More

Turbo 350Z – Part 3

We should only be a week or two out from getting the car started with the new turbo kit, the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur as an influx of cars meant we needed to pump the brakes on the project for a few days and I only got three or… Read More