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Haltech release new Wideband Controller

We’ve been waiting for these for a while…. an upgrade from the old silver box Tyco conector type wideband o2 controller. The new WB1 and WB2 feature the same Deutsch connector for CAN communication to Haltech’s Elite range of ECUs, CAN hubs, etc. The biggest plus is the upgrade to the Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband… Read More


Yep, that’s the question we’ve only just started to hear and it’s quite an embarrassing answer! Our website has been down, and it appears it’s been down for almost two months without us knowing! OMG!!!! A lot has happened in those two months though so let me explain… A lot of people know but some… Read More

V vs Z Car Dyno Day

After being approached by some members of a Z Car enthusiast club we decided to host a Dyno Day at PZP. For those who aren’t familiar with the term Dyno Day, it’s an event we host from time to time where members of a club or group can come together and put their cars on… Read More