Exhaust repairs: can do!

January 9, 2014

We do a fair bit of fabrication work at PZP; custom stainless steel exhaust systems and intercooler piping make up about 90% of our fab jobs however a lot of people do not know, we don’t just do the big jobs… Something as troublesome as a collapsed resonator like this one on Morgan’s S14 is a relatively easy replacement for us and we’re happy to do it.

Maintenance and fixing stuff is just as important in making our cars go faster and louder.

Sure a muffler shop might cut and shut a new one in, we’ve seen a lot of shockers in the past… If you have a stainless steel system with beautiful TIG welds, we will repair/modify with stainless steel and perform the same TIG welding… Not a chop job with a dirty old MIG.

A performance exhaust system should be dealt with at a performance shop. Give us a call on (08) 6140 2769, we can help.