Harry Buck’s S14

January 12, 2014

When Harry Buck, a well known name in the WA Drift scene, came to us with his plans on building a new car for the 2013/2014 drift series, we were very keen to get on board and help him out with the build wherever he needed the help.

Harry used to drift a black and gold S13 powered by an Garrett GTX3076R bolted to the side of an RB25DET. He loved the combo that much, the engine and powertrain was removed from the S13 and transferred to a new rolling shell bought in fresh from Japan by Maytech (a PZP favourite for JDM spares and engines).

From there, Harry went on a spending spree racking up a catalog worth of Powered by MAX camber/castor/toe/control arms, coilovers and drop knuckles. The differential was upgraded to another 2-way item, along with all of the normal bolt-ons we’d see on a top competing drift car.

IMG_4866 IMG_4997

A Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 was the ECU of choice for Harry, recommended by us and confirmed by 99.9% of top level motorsport competitors. A custom wire in engine loom was made and a single channel wideband controller was also used for long and short term fuel trims.

A Racepak Digital Dash was installed to display all of the vitals whilst Harry is drifting, yet another product that PZP carries in store and recommends for any serious enthusiast. We can customize the look of the dash and use push buttons, normally mounted on the steering wheel, to cycle through the list of display pages on the dash.

The Haltech PS2000 was tuned by Tom here at PZP, currently putting out around the 480rwhp mark on 20psi of boost… with this kind of boost level, the GTX3076R turbocharger was only just starting to get into its peak efficiency range but Harry wanted to keep the boost modest for the start of the drift season.

390A7277 390A7257

As you can see, Harry’s S14 definitely looks the part too. D-Speed supplied all of the body kit items for the S14 and the livery was all done by DriftBunny Decals. We are very happy to have our label on such a fun, fast and sexy looking drifter. Keep an eye out for Harry on track at Barbagallo Raceway.

390A7322 390A7330

Stay tuned to the WA DRIFT 2013/2014 series to see this monster in action! He’s also looking for sponsorship to help with entry fees and tyres as drifting competitively can really take a toll on the hip pocket!