Blitz 86 Nur Spec CTI Quad Exhaust System

August 18, 2014

Our head mechanic; “Coops” is a bit of a Toyota nut, the 86 family to be specific.

He’s owned a few different Toyota’s over the years but his AE86 and his new 86 are his prized possessions.

Coop has slowly been modifying his daily driven 86, not going overboard just yet as all of his time and money goes into his fully built AE86. When the Blitz Nur Spec CTI Quad Exhaust System with diffuser was released for the 86, he knew he had to have it and only a few nights later an order was sent to Blitz for manufacturing.

It took a few months to get the system through the manufacturing process, then a few hiccups through customs and a warranty claim due to a bent titanium tip on delivery, Coops had to wait an additional few months for another system to be made and sent over.  All we can say is the wait was worth it, it took about three quarters of the day on a lazy Saturday at the shop to install as there was a bit of running around to do and the bumper had to be cut out in order for the installation of the new diffuser.

As you can see, the results speak for itself! Josh had planned to get Mad Dog Customs (MDC) to spray the rear diffuser a similar shade to the factory grey however due to a lack of time (AHG track day the following day) and MDC moving workshops, he opted for a few cans of plasti-dip which still turned out rather well.

Josh is super happy with the new system, it sounds great, looks awesome and gives the car a little extra kick.