Back from the Sand Blasters

September 28, 2014

Just a quick update on our Time Attack 180sx project…

Tom was like a kid in a candy store when he picked up the shop car from the Sand Blasters last week. We are very happy with the finish and it’s nice to see the car in one colour!

Not only did it save us many man hours prepping the vehicle for paint but it also strips layers upon layers of old paint, seam sealer and rust away to make sure the surface is lighter and easy to work with. Unfortunately some of the sound deadening left over from the dry ice removal job didn’t budge, the thickness and flexibility of the deadening absorbs the force which means there were a few dribs and drabs we have to clean off with a wire wheel, nothing a bit of elbow grease wont fix!

A big thanks to Brett and Deanne at Absolute Blast for doing a tremendous job on the car.

Now it’s time for Maddog Customs to work their magic with the spray gun.