Gold bits!

December 26, 2014

I’m sure a lot of people will be shaking their heads right now as we all know race cars are built for going fast, that’s pretty much the golden rule yeah? Well on the topic of Gold, Tom’s 180sx is representing PZP and we like to show our customers our skills and give examples on what we can do for their car too.

After buying a load of Powered by MAX suspension items for our 180, we decided to spruce up some boring bits on the underside of the car. As we are chopping more and more from the car, why not spruce up the bits that aren’t exactly hidden anymore?

We pulled the front cross member and rear subframe from the car, removed the standard rubber bushes for the subframe and differential mounts then strengthened up the rear subframe by welding on some gussets from the GKTech subframe reinforcement kit.

We then took the subframe and cross member down to Absolute Blast for sand blasting then our mate Andrew from Maddog Customs (MDC) picked up our parts and laid down some sparkly gold delight! At the same time, Tom decided to hit his GKTech rear lower control arms in our small sandblasting cabinet here at PZP then get them sprayed up at the same time as the finish on the arms weren’t anywhere near as good as what we get through MDC.

So after a few short days, we start getting some phone pics coming through, they look awesome and we can’t wait to see in the flesh and start installing!!! Only a few days till we can starting putting parts back on the 180sx! Woohoo!