We love MAX!

January 1, 2015

Over our Christmas/New Year closure we’ve been able to spend a few days working on our Time Attack 180sx as we’d like to see if up and running by March 2015. It’s been a long time coming but we’ve now put down our welders and angle grinders and started to piece the 180 back together with all new EVERYTHING!

To date we’ve only reassembled the rear suspension; our gold painted reinforced S15 subframe has been bolted back securely with a set of GKtech offset solid aluminium bushes. The bushes were not installed with the upper spacers or dampners as the aim is to get the subframe as high as possible to change our roll centre at the rear.

Hot Tip: When installing solid bushes into your subframe, throw the bushes in the freezer overnight and put your subframe out in the sun for a few hours prior to installation. This will ensure they slide in with only a tap of a hammer.

A suite of Powered by MAX control arms for the rear were selected due to their exceptional build quality, long threads, huge spherical bearings and of course they look NICE! We decided to use the GKtech rear lower control arms instead of the MAX ones as the design of the GKtech ones are far superior. Unfortunately the MAX lower arms for the S chassis winds excessive amounts of castor when adjusting the track. Our GKtech lower arms were sand blasted and repainted by Mad Dog Customs as to be frank they look awful out of the box.

Our rear knuckles are also MAX items, they feature dual caliper mounts allowing us to run an additional caliper for our hydraulic hand brake, they also feature a static drop of 20mm, they’re lighter than factory and all linked with spherical bearings.

Lastly and most importantly, a set of MAX PRO coilovers were selected for this build, the PRO items feature super light linear springs and the front top mount has inbuilt castor adjustment. They’re also available in a heap of spring rates and all components are rebuild-able which is great as we plan to be pushing this car to its limits (a lot)!

We tied all of the suspension components together with all new fine pitched fasteners with nyloc nuts as solid mounting the engine, gearbox and suspension will cause a lot of vibrations. Oh and of course with a new build comes brand new wheel bearings and wheel studs… Nothing but genuine Nissan/NTN branded items there too.

Stay tuned for an update on the front suspension and drive-line installation blog posts in the near future!