It’s a hardline life

February 14, 2016

A year long build is almost at completion stages, full build post to follow, however I thought it would be a good idea to drop a sneak preview photo on our website.

This is a PZP built SR20DET which has been sleeved with Darton sleeves, stroked to 2.2L with a Spool crank and held together with 1/2″ head studs and 1/2″ main studs with billet main caps from Mazworx. Of course everything in between has been done but we’ll leave that list for another day.

Tom thought it would be a nice idea to try using stainless steel hardlines for running to/from the twin Turbosmart wastegates as we’ve always had problems with braid, rubber and silicone lines melting under intense engine bay heats, especially if the car is going to see some track time.

We think they’re turning out pretty well, we still had a few more to go when this preview pic was snapped but the response we’ve had is a big thumbs up.