Fuel Pulse Damper – its a thing!

November 15, 2016

A customer of ours has been back and forward from the dyno chasing a fuel pulsation issue for some time now.

Aaron prides himself on completing 99.9% of the work himself with the only exceptions being a CAMS approved custom weld-in roll cage and of course PZP completing the dyno tuning. He’s done a great job thus far but one thing has plagued the entire build; a fuel pressure pulsation issue. It was a hard one to put the finger on but after some back and forth on the telephone, we asked if we could try out our new Radium Engineering Fuel Pulse Damper kits that we’d recently stocked up on.

The fuel pulse damper kits are designed to mount either inline or directly to your fuel rail. The fuel pulse damper works by allowing the volume of the fuel system to change slightly to absorb the pulses. This is done with a spring loaded flexible diaphragm.

The installation was quite an easy one, we had a spare -10AN port on the end of the fuel rail so after gaining access to the rail, the damper was installed and we ran some back to back testing on the dyno. The results were quite pleasing to say the least! Originally we were a little skeptical of such a device but the performance gods have shined down on us, this little gem gets the tick of approval by us!


If you’re like to read more, check the Radium blog. Or experience it for yourself, they’re available in our online shop ready for immediate dispatch.