Our commitment to MCA Suspension

January 24, 2017

For years now, PZP have been providing the sport compact community with a range of coilovers, mainly focussing on an entry level price point. These range from D2 and K-Sport back in the day to the stuff we’ve been selling the past few years like BC and HSD.

All we can say is times have changed, as the industry and technology changes, we have evolved, and in doing so we’re focused on providing a quality suspension which you can look back at say “well that was hands down the best way to blow my hard earnt cash”.

So….. enter MCA Suspension, an AUSTRALIAN brand that’s been around for some time but after being stunned by the MCA HammerHead at World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) and personally tasting the sweet sweet nectar that MCA Suspension has to offer, we’re hooked!

It’s not all about high prices and motorsport only coilovers, the beauty of MCA is their different series, they allow you to choose a coilover that suits both your car and your budget.

Currently there’s a few flavours to choose from;

As we are based in Perth and Western Australia is one of the hardest places to actually drive down to your local speed shop to touch and feel such products, PZP have decided to attain and display a number of different MCA products in our showroom. We have print media you can take home with you, you can have a chat to our experienced, professional staff and above all else, you can just stand and stare at our gorgeous displays instead of swiping through websites and looking at pictures and adding to your cart.

What are you waiting for? Grab your keys, get your ass down here and check out yet another gorgeous product we have to offer @ PZP!