Racewars 2017 Recap

March 18, 2017

When the announcement in the later part of 2016 came through that Racewars was back for 2017, we decided that due to the fact we were between shop projects it just wasn’t worth the rush to slap something together for a mediocre shot at the top 10 fastest.

Instead we decided to set our sights on the possibility of a 2018 shot and focused on our customers and friends that were keen to get down to Albany and have some fun!

So with that in mind, we prepped, tuned and tidied up some fast and fun cars…

Aaron’s bug-eye WRX – a fresh off the press build completed as a joint project with Aaron (the owner) and Andrew from Maddog Customs. This thing has been Aaron’s pride and joy since he was a kid, after many years of ownership, to then sell only to buy back years later to transform to a fun track build.

This thing went from a stripped out roller to race car in only a few months. A custom roll cage, STI bottom end with a GTX3071R to provide the boost. PZP supplied Aaron with all sorts of goodies ranging from the turbo through to the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. We also completed the fab of the aluminium intercooler piping and the stainless steel exhaust system (effing loud!). Oh and did I mention Tom popped his WRX cherry tuning it on a leased AWD Mainline dyno Needless to say, it turned out sweet… its loud, its fast, he went through a few gearboxes in Albany and most importantly he made it!

Alex’s RB25 powered S14 – this one isn’t a stranger to the PZP dyno. Alex’s combo consists of a GTX3076R powered stocko RB with only a set of poncams, the usual bolt-ons and a MLS gasket squished in by ARP top end hardware. Predominately a drift car, we tickled up the tune a little, configured the 2 step via the Haltech PS2000’s Launch Control and Alex was ready for a good weekend. I’m sure if you did venture down to rw17, you would have heard the 500hp screaming past thanks to the twin 4″ blast pipes.

Andrews R32 GTR – nothing like a spare GTR as your backup plan right? Andrew is in the mix of building a 370Z track car so he dusted off the weekender to have a bit of fun with the other PZP boys. We booked him in to switch from 98 to the corn juice (E85) so we swapped out the oem fuel pump to a Walbro 450 and upgraded his stock 440cc injectors to some stainless internal Bosch 1250cc items. With a retune of his Nistune and maxing out the factory airflow sensors, we managed a decent 430hp. Not bad for the backup car.

Nick’s SR S14 – many moons ago we featured this car on our Facebook page, it was the first ever car we took to Racewars. Josh and Tom practically closed the shop for two weeks and transformed a rolling shell into a pretty wild SR powered Silvia. Nick’s car was only in for a dyno checkup, some maintenance work and a safety check prior to subjecting it to speeds close to 250km per hour.

Trevor’s SR20VE Build – another two week build tidy up and tune prior to Racewars. Trev switched from a DET cylinder head to a P11 VE head. In a nutshell, the VE is a big port SR with VVL (Nissans answer to Hondas VTEC). A GTX3582R turbo, 6 boost manifold and Mazworx plenum was just some of the upgrades also thrown in for good measure. We cut it real close but after a hard two weeks we made a solid 500rwph and 569nm torque from the mighty SR.