Turbo 350Z – Part 1

I’ve owned my 350Z for a few years now, it’s a fun drive but for a few months now it’s been parked up in my garage while I toss up the thought of selling or throwing a few more mods at her. I’m glad the decision to modify won and after the final drive down to the workshop naturally aspirated, it’s now under the PZP knife for a turbo kit.

The aim for us is to produce this prototype kit with the intention of producing an affordable turbo kit for the VQ35DE platform, commonly found in the 350Z and V35 Skyline. After scanning the web for suitable alternatives to building our own kit, we found $10K+ USD to be the norm…. for me, that just doesn’t seem affordable to the average enthusiast once they factor in shipping, installation and tuning. You can almost say goodbye to $20K AUD by the time you’re back in the seat.

So in short, the PZP kit will include a single turbo conversion, utilizing factory exhaust manifolds and high mounting the turbocharger in the engine bay so it can be shown off as well as easily worked on if required. We’re aiming to keep all factory features such as the air conditioning, after-all, who wants to throw away something as joyous as AC these days in such a comfortable car? Not me!

The PZP single turbo kit is to include the following parts:

  • Garrett GTW Turbocharger
  • Turbosmart external wastegate
  • Braided turbo lines and aluminium fittings
  • Stainless steel turbo manifolds
  • Stainless steel dump pipe with catalytic converter
  • Front mount intercooler
  • Aluminium intercooler piping
  • Fuel system upgrade including injectors and fuel pump
  • AC line kit for re-routing lines
  • All associated wiring harnesses and brackets, etc for a perfect fit-up

OK so enough with the “what we are going to do” and now time for some action….

So Saturday came along and the first order of business is to get a baseline figure on our dyno; back to back testing on our Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno would be the best way to measure our improvements. After a few runs on the dyno, the VQ35DE made 237 rwhp with 295 nm of torque. My 350Z is a 2005; the Rev Up edition of the VQ35DE and only mildly modified with a blox plenum spacer, custom exhaust with magnaflow spun cats and a custom 3″ intake. It’s also got over 100,000km’s on the clock and is in need of a freshen up but for now, a good clean up and with a good tune we’re confident our turbo kit will not have any adverse effects on the humble VQ.

After the dyno it was on the hoist to start work. We’ve dropped the exhaust off between the factory exhaust manifolds and just after the Y pipe. We plan to merge the exhaust piping under the LHS exhaust manifold and finish the turbo manifolds where the factory airbox would normally sit. The rest of the day was an A/C degas so we can remove the lines for re-routing, disconnecting some wiring and removing the current intake kit on the car. Here’s a few snaps of the turbo sitting in what position we think will suit.

We are documenting this project with help from our friend Nathan at NS Visual so once we’ve completed the kit, there will be some decent video footage to view. As we are filming whilst we’re working, it’s going to take a lot longer to complete the project however I’m sure we can get it completed within a few months of weekend and after hours work.

So stay tuned for Part 2, we’re getting down to business…