Turbo 350Z – Part 2

We’re starting to gather momentum on our single turbo project, with my own car sitting on the middle hoist all week it’s hard not to touch it even if it’s just an hour after a long day working on all of the other imports.

The turbo manifolds are our number one priority this week, ensuring they fit and there’s enough room for everything is the most important. We’re a bit fussy when it comes to fabricating and we want to make sure that the kit will be easily installed and removed if necessary. I’ve worked with other kits before and as a mechanic, I want to make sure that items such as the crossover pipe are easily removed for maintenance such as transmission and clutch replacements.

We’ve reused the OEM exhaust headers to keep the costs down in our kit, I also can’t see them being a restriction till over double the amount of horsepower than stock which will be plenty for our entry level kit. Pictured above is our prototype which will also be heat wrapped and possibly ceramic coated for the final product. This will keep the radiant heat low and minimal heat loss internally for a better turbo spool.

To give us more room with our kit, we’ve relocated the starter motor to the right hand side of the engine, it is yet to be completed but we’ve trial fitted the starter and with some adaptor brackets it will fit perfectly and be just like the OEM fit. This also gives me an excuse to play on our 3D printer and CNC router to pump out some custom hardware.

Finishing the merge and crossover pipe with a 2.5″ V-band flange will allow us to have a three piece turbo manifold design, one being the crossover pipe, the second being the mid pipe sneaking between the block and the engine mount and the last pipe being the up-pipe to the T4 turbo flange. It’s already worked out to be a very clean and efficient install.

With the manifolds nearing completion, the exact position for the turbine housing had to be completed. Some temporary struts were installed to keep the turbo from moving out of place and enable us to complete the up pipe fabrication. I’m currently waiting on a T4 flange to finish the install as we’ve change our minds in terms of turbine housing selection and going for a T4 undivided inlet (our original plan was to twin scroll this project but as we plan to reproduce these kits for a budget price, it seemed the smarter choice).

The final item in part 2 is assembling some braided oil feed and return lines. Teflon inner lined stainless steel braid was our choice for a robust and high performance hose, coupling them with black anodized aluminium fittings makes it look the part too.

Stay tuned for Part 3, we plan to start the intercooler installation and 3″ dump pipe.