Concave Concept Wheels!

October 17, 2017

As part of PZP’s ongoing commitment to bringing WA more niche products, we’re excited to announce our new dealer status for Concave Concept (CC) wheels! Not only does each Concave Concept wheel design look incredible, they are renown for being strong, lightweight and more affordable than you may think.

Let us highlight a few reasons why you should jump in the car and head down to our shop to check them out in person;

Big Brake Clearance
This is what CC has to say; “Extreme care was taken to ensure that the offsets, faces and widths available will clear nearly all brake (stock and BBK) and hub locators. Of course with the maximum concavity possible for your ride.”

Smart Design
Again, CC’s answer to getting a decent tyre size on a wheel without ludicres stretch; “Our patented DUAL lip allows you to achieve that squat stance while running optimal rubber sizes for your ride. The barrel’s setback from the lip has been carefully considered to produce a even more enviable look when the rim is spinning.”

Custom PCD and Offsets
That’s right, they can be made to order! We can get that perfect fit that you’ve been looking for without compromise or dreaded wheel spacers. PZP have also selected some great sizes and offsets to display in our showroom and offer trial fits before you buy…. no guessing!

For more information about these Concave Concept wheels, contact us or drop in to our Wangara showroom.