October 31, 2018

Yep, that’s the question we’ve only just started to hear and it’s quite an embarrassing answer!

Our website has been down, and it appears it’s been down for almost two months without us knowing! OMG!!!! A lot has happened in those two months though so let me explain…

A lot of people know but some don’t; we relocated our workshop only a stone’s throw away to 1/6 Quantum Link, still in Wangara. Yes it would have to be a small stone to throw three streets away but we’re just around the corner and the new location is fantastic! We’re no longer tucked down the back of a long stretch of units, our new shop is right at the road side, we’ve got ample parking out the front and on the street so it’s easy for you to find us.

We have taken down the 15 meter PZP sign from the old shop and alas there’s no signage (still) at our new one… That’s because we’ve redesigned our logo! We thought why not freshen up a few things while we’re mixing things up?

So back to the website… it’s embarrassing…. the boss didn’t pay the bills! Well, we host through Amazon Web Services in the USA, it makes sure our hosting is super fast and you’re not waiting to click the ‘contact us’ or ‘buy’ button. Long story short, whilst we were moving shops, the credit card linked to AWS expired and alas our hosting went down soon after… not having our ducks in a row whilst moving a whole workshop of machinery, hoists, dyno, showroom, stock, etc. the poor website slipped through the cracks and suddenly we put some people into panic mode: website down, drive to the old shop and we were no longer there….. a lot of people freaked and thankfully called or facebook’d our PZP page.

Now that we’ve (finally) spotted the issues and rectified them, we’re back on track. We’ve been planning to update the site, rework the shop with our new PZP product lines and re-brand with our new logo. Check it out… Let us know what you think?

Stay tuned, big things are on the horizon! And to all of our fans… a big SORRY for the disruption!