Racewars 2017 Recap

When the announcement in the later part of 2016 came through that Racewars was back for 2017, we decided that due to the fact we were between shop projects it just wasn’t worth the rush to slap something together for a mediocre shot at the top 10 fastest. Instead we decided to set our sights… Read More

Fuel Pulse Damper – its a thing!

A customer of ours has been back and forward from the dyno chasing a fuel pulsation issue for some time now. Aaron prides himself on completing 99.9% of the work himself with the only exceptions being a CAMS approved custom weld-in roll cage and of course PZP completing the dyno tuning. He’s done a great job… Read More

T28 Turbo Redtop = 270+hp

Ruth’s 180 was the first tune for the year, she came in for a retune of her PowerFC after a long motor swap. Her previous redtop SR20DET dropped compression and after many months of being off road, she’s dropped in a replacement with comp figures which are a lot nicer than before. This is a… Read More