It’s a hardline life

A year long build is almost at completion stages, full build post to follow, however I thought it would be a good idea to drop a sneak preview photo on our website. This is a PZP built SR20DET which has been sleeved with Darton sleeves, stroked to 2.2L with a Spool crank and held together… Read More

Daniel’s R34 RB30DET Build – Part 1

Daniel has been a valued client of ours for the last few years and his R34 Skyline is his pride and joy. Dan came into us a while back with plans to rebuild his RB25DET Neo engine for more power; his overall power goal was 500hp at the rear wheels. After having a chat about… Read More

RB30/25 Combo Meal

We met Chaz in 2013 when he was having troubles getting over the pits to remove a yellow sticker… After helping him with passing his pit inspection and yellow sticker removal, Chaz has been in and out of PZP with either more mods for his R32 or just the usual service/maintenance tasks. So what not… Read More