Haltech release new Wideband Controller

We’ve been waiting for these for a while…. an upgrade from the old silver box Tyco conector type wideband o2 controller. The new WB1 and WB2 feature the same Deutsch connector for CAN communication to Haltech’s Elite range of ECUs, CAN hubs, etc. The biggest plus is the upgrade to the Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband… Read More

Concave Concept Wheels!

As part of PZP’s ongoing commitment to bringing WA more niche products, we’re excited to announce our new dealer status for Concave Concept (CC) wheels! Not only does each Concave Concept wheel design look incredible, they are renown for being strong, lightweight and more affordable than you may think. Let us highlight a few reasons why you should jump… Read More

Prototype Surge Tank

Our cars are getting faster, we run more boost and every year it seems like the bar is raised… 400hp used to be fun, 500hp was amazing and 600hp+ was crazy. Nowadays if it’s not 800, 1000 or 1200hp, it doesn’t get much of a mention. Well that’s competitive race cars, we still see a… Read More