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Turbo 350Z – Part 3

We should only be a week or two out from getting the car started with the new turbo kit, the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur as an influx of cars meant we needed to pump the brakes on the project for a few days and I only got three or… Read More

Prototype Surge Tank

Our cars are getting faster, we run more boost and every year it seems like the bar is raised… 400hp used to be fun, 500hp was amazing and 600hp+ was crazy. Nowadays if it’s not 800, 1000 or 1200hp, it doesn’t get much of a mention. Well that’s competitive race cars, we still see a… Read More

Turbo 350Z – Part 2

We’re starting to gather momentum on our single turbo project, with my own car sitting on the middle hoist all week it’s hard not to touch it even if it’s just an hour after a long day working on all of the other imports. The turbo manifolds are our number one priority this week, ensuring… Read More